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196345-B22 COMPAQ Presario 700 Series / Evo N105, N115 Series Laptop Battery Replacement

Replacement for COMPAQ Presario 700 Series / Evo N105, N115 Series Laptop Batteryt
Presario 700 Battery
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  • Type:Li-ion
  • Capacity:4400mAh
  • Volt:14.80V
  • Color:Dark Grey
  • Dimension:152.60 x 77.20 x 20.20 mm
  • Product ID:NCQ023
  • One-year warranty
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Replace Part Numbers:
  • Compaq:
    196345-B22, 246437-001, 246437-002, 247050-001, 247051-001
Fit Models:
  • Compaq:
    Compaq Evo N105 Series
    Compaq Evo N115 Series
    Compaq Presario 700 Series
    Presario 701, Presario 705,
    Presario 710, Presario 715,
    Presario 725
  • Rechargeable & replacement Compaq 196345-B22 laptop battery for Presario Presario 700 Series
  • Usual shipping: the same business day.
  • Brand new, full 1 Year Warranty! State Tax Free!
  • High quality Japanese battery cells

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Battery FAQs & Tips About Laptop Battery
  • Q:Should I charger may new battery for more than 12 hours before first use?
    A:Generally speaking,No. most notebook batteries will automatically stop charging when they have heen fully charged.In general, the charging time is between 3 ~ 6 hours, especially with li-ion batteries used by most 3C products(Computer, Communication, and Consumer electronics)today, they do not alow excessive charging. Some Ni-MH or Ni-Cd battery chargers may maintain the charge by using small amount of current to continuously charging the battery after they are fully charged. In the case, there sould be no time limit.
  • Q: Should rechargeable batteries be fully discharged before recharging?
    A: Theoretically speaking, the biggest benefit of Li-ion batteries is that it does not have memory effect so it's not necessary to drain them before recharging. But for Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd batteries, it's better to drain the power completely (use it up) before recharging especially with Ni-Cd batteries due to its tendency to have memory effect. However, it is helpful to the batteries' performance to regulary discharge them completely before recharging again, especially for laptop computer users.
  • Q: How do I judge the quality of rechargeable batteries?
    A: There are many different battery testing criteria and standards such as battery's internal resistance, testing the capacity and life cycle with different C-rate and environment temperature, etc. Most of them require specialized equipment and controlled enviroment to conduct the tests. Therefore, regular consumers really cannot just the quality of rechargeable battery from their outside appearance. But from BatteryX's experience, Japanese made cells have tighter tolerances, closer in performances meeting their designed specifications, and higher life cycles.
  • Q: How do I maximize the life of my battery?
    A: Careful and proper usage of your battery can avoid premature damage to your battery.Here are some tips in maximizing your battery's life:
    1. Do not leave your batteries on the charger for extended period of time after thery have been fully charged...
  • More knowledge about battery and charger ...