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234219-B21 Compaq Presario 1700 Series laptop battery (replacement)

234219-B21 battery
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  • Type:Li-ion
  • Capacity:4400 mAh
  • Volt:14.40 V
  • Color:D.Blue
  • Dimension:148.10x77.40x19.00 mm
  • Product ID:NCQ010N
  • Full One year warranty
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Replace Part Numbers:
  • Compaq:
Fit Models:
  • Compaq:
    Compaq EVO N160 Series
    Compaq EVO N800 Series
    EVO N800, EVO N800c, EVO N800v,
    EVO N800w

    Compaq EVO N1000 Series
    EVO N1000c, EVO N1000v, EVO N1015v,
    EVO N1020v, EVO N1050v

    Compaq Presario 900 Series
    Presario 900, Presario 900CA ,Presario 900US,
    Presario 901US, Presario 902US, Presario 903US,
    Presario 904US, Presario 905US, Presario 906US,
    Presario 907US, Presario 908US,Presario 909US,
    Presario 910US, Presario 911US, Presario 912RSH,
    Presario 914US, Presario 915US, Presario 916US,
    Presario 917US, Presario 918US, Presario 918RSH,
    Presario 919US, Presario 920US, Presario 921US,
    Presario 922US, Presario 923US, Presario 925US,
    Presario 927US, Presario 930US, Presario 935US,
    Presario 940US, Presario 943US, Presario 945US,
    Presario 950US, Presario 955US

    Compaq Presario 1500 Series
    Presario 1500, Presario 1500AP, Presario 1500SC,
    Presario1500US, Presario 1501CL, Presario 1501LA,
    Presario 1502, Presario1502SC, Presario1503AP,
    Presario 1505US, Presario 1506TC, Presario1507EA-XP,
    Presario 1508AP, Presario 1508SP, Presario 1508TC,
    Presario 1509AP, Presario 1510CA, Presario 1510EA,
    Presario 1510TC, Presario 1510US, Presario 1511TC,
    Presario 1512TC, Presario1516US, Presario 1520AP,
    Presario 1520CA, Presario 1520LA, Presario 1520US,
    Presario 1522LA, Presario 1525UK, Presario 1525AP,
    Presario 1525CA, Presario 1525EA, Presario 1525US,
    Presario 1531SC, Presario 1535AP, Presario 1538AP,
    Presario 1550AP, Presario 1555AP, Presario 1568AP,
    Presario 1570AP, Presario 1572AP, Presario 1580AP

    Compaq Presario 1700 Series
    Presario 1700, Presario 1700XL573, Presario 1701,
    Presario 1702, Presario 1703, Presario 1704,
    Presario 1705, Presario 1710, Presario 1710LA,
    Presario 1710SB, Presario 1711, Presario 1712,
    Presario 1713, Presario 1714, Presario 1714EA,
    Presario 1715, Presario 1716, Presario 1717,
    Presario 1720, Presario 1720US, Presario 1721,
    Presario 1722, Presario 1723, Presario 1724,
    Presario 1725, Presario 1726

    Compaq Presario 17XL Series
    Presario 17XL 260, Presario 17XL 262, Presario 17XL 264,
    Presario 17XL 265, Presario 17XL 266, Presario 17XL 274,
    Presario 17XL 275, Presario 17XL 360, Presario 17XL 361,
    Presario 17XL 362, Presario 17XL 364, Presario 17XL 365,
    Presario 17XL 366, Presario 17XL 368, Presario 17XL 369,
    Presario 17XL 375, Presario 17XL 378, Presario 17XL 379,
    Presario 17XL 380, Presario 17XL 460, Presario 17XL 461,
    Presario 17XL 462, Presario 17XL 463,Presario 17XL 464,
    Presario 17XL 465, Presario 17XL 466, Presario 17XL 468,
    Presario 17XL 469, Presario 17XL 470, Presario 17XL 471,
    Presario 17XL 472, Presario 17XL 473, Presario 17XL 474,
    Presario 17XL 475, Presario 17XL 476, Presario 17XL 477,
    Presario 17XL 480, Presario 17XL 482, Presario 17XL 485,
    Presario 17XL 488, Presario 17XL 490, Presario 17XL 492,
    Presario 17XL 561, Presario 17XL 562, Presario 17XL 563,
    Presario 17XL 565, Presario 17XL 567, Presario 17XL 568,
    Presario 17XL 570, Presario 17XL 571, Presario 17XL 572,
    Presario 17XL 573, Presario 17XL 577, Presario 17XL 579,
    Presario 17XL 580

    Compaq Presario 17XL2 Series

    Compaq Presario 2800 Series
    Presario 2800, Presario 2800CA, Presario 2800T,
    Presario 2800US, Presario 2801CL, Presario 2805US

  • 100% Q.C. of EVERY battery.
  • Usually the same business day shipping.
  • Deliver time with in 3-7 working days.
  • Rechargeable & replacement li-ion COMPAQ 182281-001 laptop battery for COMPAQ laptop computer.
  • Highest quality Japanese battery cells.
  • Brand new ,1 Year Warranty and State Tax Free!
    We NEVER Sell used or refurbished Batteries!

Tips & Info:

What is Centrino Technology?

Centrino Technology is a combination of 3 Intel components found in the same notebook. These components are:
-Intel Pentium M based Processor

-Intel 855 Chipset Family

-Intel Pro/Wireless Connection

In order for a notebook to be labelled as having "Centrino Technology", all three components must be available in the notebook. It is a common misconception that "Centrino" is a processor, but it is the combination of the...
Please visit our F.A.Q. session for more information ...