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Top 10 Laptop Batteries

  • The Best Laptop for Christmas Gift

    A laptop is an extremely important "spend," notably if you provide a Christmas gift. (And, hey, it's completely fine to give yourself). But among laptops, one size or type undoubtedly will not fit all....
  • Learn more about Windows 8

    Microsoft launched Windows 8 concurrently around the world last Friday. Microsoft has adopted regular pricing for Windows 8 and there aren’t any multifarious upgrade paths. Any computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 is eligible for the upgrade fee ...
  • How to Make Improvements Mac Notebook Battery Life by Watts

    Notebook computer batteries tend to be difficult items of equipment. You need to connect all of them into cost all of them upward, however, you can’ t depart all of them blocked within too much time or even they'll end up being broken. ...
  • The Best Way to Charge Your Notebook Battery for First Time

    Probably the most essential aspects of any kind of notebook may be the battery. You can buy the laptop computer having a effective processor chip along with other top-of-the-line equipment, however if you do not correctly take care of the actual notebook battery ...
  • 4 Steps to Solve the Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem

    When you plug laptop in, battery only fills up to full charge, and then it says “plugged in, not charging” and other phenomenon.Tt's likely that either your laptop battery is bad or your laptop is not charging the battery properly.There are a number of things you should try before you give up and replace the battery.
  • Laptop Battery Replacement

    Why do we need to chose battery replacement?
  • Battery Do's and Don'ts

    Some Tips for Battery Do's and Don'ts
  • Improve Cordless Drill Battery Life

    A cordless drill can be an excellent tool for home improvement jobs or commercial jobs. There are many different volt sizes of batteries for a cordless drill. They come in 9 volt, 12 volt, 18 volt and some 24 volt. Of course, the higher the voltage, the stronger the drill.
  • 3 tips to extend your digital camera battery's life

    With film cameras, a pair of batteries might have lasted years, but you'll be lucky to get a week of usage with today's digital point-and-shoots if you snap a lot of pictures. Thankfully, there are 3 ways to help conserve battery power.
  • How to Choose Emergency Cell Phone Charger

    Cell phones are a must in modern life. Having a discharged phone can be inconvenient, or even downright dangerous if an emergency arises. Chargers or boosters mean never running out of power.
  • 4 Tips to Extend Your Lithium Battery Life

    Lithium batteries seem to be everywhere these days. We can find them in our cellphones, laptops, portable media players and etc. We all want to make our batteries last as long as possible, but some well intentioned advice from friends could be harming your lithium battery’s life span.
  • Top 8 Ways to Go Green with Your Electronics

    Now that going green is no longer an option, but a necessity, we are progressively looking for new ways to preserve our environment. Although it may seem like a simple concept - it's actually very difficult to maintain a level of environmental protection without sacrificing some convenience. Recycling does help out significantly, but there are plenty more ways to push towards a cleaner planet without much extra conscious effort.
  • How to Prepare Batteries for Recycling

    You can recycle your batteries at a local recycling center, but you also have the option of shipping them there as well. If this option interests you, this guide will walk you through the process of preparing your batteries the right way in order to ensure that they will be accepted when arriving at the recycling destination. These measures are taken in order to keep everyone involved in the transportation and recycling of the batteries safe.
  • 7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer

    With the latest portable PCs, working on the move has never been easier, but laptops are still slaves to the National Grid. You can do practically anything on a modern laptop, but their advanced features drain battery life to the extent that you can only get a couple of hours out of your laptop before it turns up its toes. While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it's possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer.
  • 3 Tips of Maintaining Your Laptop Battery

    More and more people use laptop. Battery is an important part of the laptop,if you can't maintain your laptop battery,it will affect the battery life.There are 3 tips to maintain your laptop battery.
  • 6 Tips of Focus on Laptop Battery

    The component that consumes the most battery power of your laptop is its screen. To ensure maximum possible run time of your laptop battery, be sure to dim your display whenever possible and especially when you aren’t connected to an AC supply. Laptop Battery, Laptop Batteries and all Digital Batteries Online Sale!